October 14
We are excited about our Kickstarter campaign’s progress as we head into week two.  We have reached about 25% of our goal.

Today, we launched Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram campaigns to raise My Book Wants to Become a Movie project’s exposure.

Just think, when my book becomes a movie, there are 73 million boomers who will get to relive the Summer of Love 1967.  And millions more of moviegoers who will find out what really happened when 100,000 young people flocked to San Francisco that summer.

If you want to make a pledge and keep us rolling along , go to:


Or go to Kickstarter and search for My Book Wants to Become a Movie.

October 8, 2020

Robb Rice’s Kickstarter campaign called MY BOOK WANTS TO BECOME A MOVIE kicked off today.

The goal is to turn my book My Summer on Haight Street into a movie.

To learn how your can help make this project a success go to:


Make sure to watch the video and check out the rewards being offered.

Today is day one of a thirty day campaign.

If you have any problems go to Kickstarter and search for My Book Wants to Become a Movie project.


October 2020

I have been working for many months on turning my book, My Summer on Haight Street, into a movie. To be considered in Hollywood will take a movie script based on the book.  Even though I have screenwriting experience, I plan to team up with a screenwriter with screen credits and Hollywood connections.

To raise the necessary funds, I am undertaking a Kickstarter campaign and invite you to check out a preview of my project named “My Book Wants to Become a Movie.” Make sure to click the Notify Me icon too. When the project is launched in about ten days, you will be able to view an informative video, get all the details, and check out the cool rewards.

On launch day, any pledge you make will be extremely helpful.  No matter how much you pledge, it will be much appreciated. I am embarking on this endeavor because it is important to tell the story of what really happened in the Summer of Love 1967.

My goal is to bring this important slice of American history that defined a generation and a nation to movie or streaming audiences.

Below is the link to preview the Kickstarter campaign.

If you like what you see, please share it far and wide.

Stay tuned for the launch.

Thank you for your consideration.




It’s 1967, the Summer of Love. With the war in Vietnam raging and the draft hanging over their heads, three Milwaukee high school graduates set off on very different paths to seek their own destinies and discover that people, places, and things are neither what they expected, nor what they appear to be.

Those who experienced the 1960s will relive them between the pages of this book, as the author’s words capture the awakening of millions of America’s youth to a world of free love, drugs, and rock and roll like it’s never been played before or since.

Readers too young or too old to have lived through the Summer of Love will experience Haight-Ashbury through the eyes of someone who was there. My Summer on Haight Street is a remarkably insightful chronicle of three Baby Boomers in the turbulent 1960s that defined a generation and a nation. This fast-paced novel is based on several real people and some real events.